Our story.

We believe tech can be more natural and intuitive. By re-imagining headphones, we can break from the constraints of yesterday and innovate something that surprises and delights.

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Human vision.

Here at Human, we have a vision to develop extraordinary, human-centric products. We’re delivering on the promise of what technology should be. Our Human Headphones integrate more perfectly into the way we work. Want to control your favorite music? Just tap or swipe. Answer texts, set appointments, and map your route, all through the power of voice. It’s a bold new way to listen... and be heard. Our devices help foster deeper connections to the content, music, and people we love.

There’s the way people work. There’s the way products work. Now there’s a way for both to work better together.

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"The sound quality was impressive”

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“It's happened. Start-up Human, Inc. has cut the cord on a pair of over-ear headphones.”

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"In short, they’re the sound you’d get from a good pair of Sennheiser or Beats by Dre cans, with the portability of the Airpods."

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"Every so often something crazy and cool still comes across our desk and the Human Headphones qualify."


"The revolutionary design combines the best parts of earbuds - namely their compact portability - with the immersive sound of over-ear headphones.

Careers at Human.

Don't see your perfect fit listed here? Email us at jobs@humaninc.com with your resume and get in touch!

Meet the Human team.

Picture of Ben Willis

Ben Willis

Co-Founder & CVO

Ben has invented dozens of products and holds numerous patents in the realm of advanced industrial design, hardware and software. He has also founded several companies, including a housewares innovation lab, and has now set his sights on altering the trajectory of technology with Human. Ben also acts as the company’s CTO.

Picture of Bill Moore

Bill Moore

CEO, President

Bill has led multiple companies during their formative years, including RootMetrics and Allrecipes.com. He also conceived and launched the Frappuccino during his tenure as Food & Beverage Director at Starbucks. Bill brings a great deal of experience and strategy to Human.

Picture of Eliza Arango-Vargas

Eliza Arango-Vargas

Vice President Of Engineering

Eliza started her career working as an Audio Designer for Microsoft’s Zune MP3 Player. It is there where she found her passion for the world of Audio Design. This passion led her to work on Audio centric consumer electronics ranging from cellphones, Skype teleconferencing devices and lately, wearables. Eliza has extensive experience in hardware development from Incubation to product manufacturing.

Picture of Jim Holt, PhD

Jim Holt, PhD

Executive Director of Firmware / Software Development

Jim started his career in High Energy Physics and Particle Accelerator Physics research but moved to industry. Jim has broad product experience from cloud services, databases, hardware product experience in robotics, audio devices and form factor PCs.  With his broad technical expertise he is able to successfully solve hard and ambiguous problems within project constraints.

Picture of Ann White

Ann White

Chief Marketing Officer

Ann joined Human from Amazon where she led a global team focused on the Amazon and Prime brands as well as North America Retail marketing. Additionally, she was responsible for branding, naming, and marketing for Amazon Devices including Echo, Fire TV and Kindle. Before Amazon, she was responsible for the in-store customer experience at Microsoft Stores as well as global retail channel strategies for Windows.

Picture of Ron Stevens

Ron Stevens

Chief Financial Officer

Ron has held senior financial and operational leadership roles for both private and public companies, including NASDAQ listed tech companies; including OnHealth (acquired by WebMD), Primus Knowledge Solutions (now part of Oracle), and Loudeye (acquired by Nokia).

Picture of Fred Warren

Fred Warren

Board Member

  • Co-Led Apple Series A
  • Co-Founder of Brentwood VC
  • Serial Investor – Including Harman Kardon
Picture of Kurt Dammeier

Kurt Dammeier

Board Member

  • Amazon Seed Investor (1 of first 6 investors)
  • Super Angel
  • Serial Entrepreneur
Picture of Daniel Darling

Daniel Darling

Board Member

  • Bay Area, Early Stage Venture Fund
  • Led product innovation at public technology corporations.
  • Founder and successful exits in the mobile space.
Picture of Robbie Bach

Robbie Bach

Advisory Board

  • Former Chief Xbox Officer at Microsoft
  • 22 years at Microsoft
  • Sonos board member
Picture of Doug Satzger

Doug Satzger

Advisory Board

  • Former Creative Lead of Industrial Design at Apple - iPhone, iPods, iPad and MacBook
  • Intel - GM of Industrial Design
  • HP/Palm - Sr. Director of Industrial Design
Picture of Scott Searls

Scott Searls

Advisory Board

  • Supply Chain Thought Leader
  • Only 3-time winner of the Institute of Supply Management’s award for innovation.
  • Managed supply chain relationships in over 50 countries.
Picture of Joe Moak

Joe Moak

Advisory Board

  • Product design leadership roles at Apple, Sonos, Black Diamond and Matter. 
  • Lead ME teams on iMac, Mac Mini, Apple TV and iPad. 
  • Developed product architecture for Sonos Playbase. 
Picture of Greg Perlot

Greg Perlot

Advisory Board

  • Consumer Brand and Marketing Strategist
  • CBO of Sonos, EVP of Quiksilver
  • Co-Founder of 72andSunny
Picture of Brian Hall

Brian Hall

Advisory Board

  • Former CEO/COO of Doppler labs
  • VP of Amazon Product Marketing
  • Former Microsoft VP Products 
Picture of Paul Cole

Paul Cole

Advisory Board

  • 25+ years of experience in wireless tech
  • Executive marketing & engineering positions for T-Mobile, Voicestream Wireless, and Western Wireless
Picture of Mark Kroese

Mark Kroese

Advisory Board

  • Mark started his career in the advertising business and joined Microsoft in 1986 
  • Over 20+ years, Mark held positions such as Product Manager for Excel, Director of Marketing for Office, GM of Electronic Commerce, and GM of Xbox Live  
  • Mark also led marketing for eDiscovery pioneer, Applied Discovery (sold to Lexis Nexis in ‘04), and was President of VR haptics startup, HaptX  
  • Mark was a 2016 Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard University 
Picture of Joe Dieter

Joe Dieter

Advisory Board

  • Human Co Founder
  • Led product ideation process (patent holder) and marketing for Human, while recruiting and building Human's initial product and marketing teams
  • Co-founded multiple companies in software and hardware over the past decade